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Digital Marketing

Don't feel your website is quite delivering in the way it should? Is your site central to your business or just an after thought? Do you want to know the real way to increase online sales? It’s not a bit of SEO here, a few posts on social media there, or any kind of small tweaks.

There are no easy shortcuts. The real way to grow your business is to review your entire online presence as part of your whole business. Then, rather than tweaking what’s there, build a Digital Marketing Strategy that will propel you toward your goals. Allow us to review your SEO and SEM to create a road map to sustained growth.

To see a BIG change, you need to look at where your business stands now and create a plan that everyone in your business can buy into. There are just SIX steps:

  • Where are we right now?

  • What are our objectives?

  • What's the strategy?

  • What are our tactics to implement our strategy?

  • What are the actions we are going to take and who is responsible?

  • What are the controls and KPIs to see if it's working or where we can improve?

Let ShortSharpShop create your Digital Marketing Plan! That’s where we come in! Are you wondering if we’d be a good fit? 

Let's find out!     

Website Consultants

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Audit your Website.

We'll take a look at all the critical areas of your online operations and come back with a fulll written report. Areas covered will include:

  • Keyword research & recommendations.

  • Conversion rate & all major KPIs.

  • Website navigation and user experience.

  • On site SEO.

  • Google Analytics.


On-Line Marketplaces.

We can launch your products on to a variety of online marketplaces.

  • Amazon UK, DE, FR, IT, NL, SP

  • E-Bay.

  • Facebook shop.

  • Instagram shop.

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Digital Marketing Services

  • Manage your e-mail campaigns, targeting e-mails to your segmented  customer database.

  • Facebook/Instagram advertising.

  • Posting to your social media accounts.

  • Google PPC, analytics and re-marketing.

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Financial Health & Help

  • Cashflow management.

  • Monthly P & L accounts.

  • New business/project evaluation.

  • Raising Finance.

  • Business plans 3 or 5 year.

  • Business expansion.

  • Insolvency/administration.

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