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Website & eCommerce Training

What's the use of having a great website if you don't know how to run and maintain it and understand the options that are open to you? There are many tools that you can use to understand your customers interaction with your store, what motivates them to buy and who they are. This will allow you to target potential customers and grow your online sales.

We will provide you with the resources about how these work and how to make the best use of them.

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At ShortSharpShop we'll train you on how to run and operate your e-commerce site including:

  • Creating and launching new products.

  • Pricing.

  • Product and website images.

  • On site SEO.

  • Reporting.

  • Setting up discount codes.

  • Customer database management.

  • Customising your theme, fonts, colours etc.

  • Monitoring your marketing campaigns.

  • Purchase order processing.

  • Using the site as a manual order entry system.

  • We'll be available for 30 days after launch to help you with any issues that arise in the administration of your site.

All included in your e-commerce package price!

At ShortSharpShop we'll also provide you with the resources to learn more about:

  • On site SEO.

  • Facebook/Instagram advertising.

  • Google paid advertising options.

  • E-mail marketing.

  • Google analytics.

All included in your e-commerce package price!

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